Integrated Systems Design Ltd provide an Energy Supply Analysis and Management service.

The purpose of energy management is to analyse what existing load is being used and how best to change equipment or power usage so there are energy cost savings. Typical areas focused on are lighting, heating, induction motors, starters and the current energy supplier has the best solution for the customers demands.

We offer energy management applications that improve the overall running and efficiency of the customers plant. By trending and analysing of plant mains supply we are able to distinguish peak loads and time of which these occur. We would then analyse the customers power bill to propose a plan of action. This ranges from retail power appraisals, power factor correction, power quality filters, energy saving devices and other products.

Management services we provide

  • Analysis of Power Consumption for Commercial and Industrial Sites
  • Optimisation of rates from the Power Supplier
  • Consultation for Site power distribution
  • Improved economics of power usage
  • Increased Energy efficiency (Lower Usage)
  • Cost Savings
  • Future proofing of the site