Dryzone is a high-tech moisture content (MC) measuring system that can be used effectively to improve control of the final moisture content during timber drying. Dryzone is also a valuable tool to assist kiln supervisors in achieving drying quality by preventing wet claims and minimize over drying.


Dryzone has the capability to measure moisture content above 90% MC and can accurately determine the transition through fibre saturation point. With Dryzone, schedule development is easier and more precise since schedules are based on actual moisture content.






This system is an industry-proven technology and has been in operation in kilns in various parts of the world since 1996.


The Dryzone system is able to be installed into the Upgraded Woodtech V.10 kiln control system allowing the user to hold/stop charge at moisture setpoints, overlay kiln trending data with moisture data, have moisture trending data added into the charge reports and much more.

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