Integrated specialise in all aspects of Sawmill Automation, offering a total network solution that enhances production.
  • Designed to be flexible for System changes (on site or via modem)
  • Custom Design for machinery or one off operations
  • Custom Designed for the operator or site
  • Retrofit onto existing systems
  • Complete System upgrades
  • Pre-designed packages

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    Integrated Systems Design Ltd builds and supplies Total Kiln Control Systems.  The Woodtech 2000 is a Kiln Control System that is Multi stepped and scheduled with multiple users and Kilns.  This controller was developed to give full control and flexibility to the operator/s.Purpose designed kiln drying control system. Turn key for new installationsRetro fit for old and second hand timber kilns. Read more >>
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    Integrated Systems Design Ltd has developed a boiler control system that is stand alone or is complimentary to our Woodtech 2000 Kiln System using the same PLC and HMI. Minimising client costs Links to existing systemNo need for a separate control system Read more >>
  • assets/Specialisations/Automation/Dust-Collection/_resampled/SetWidth100-Dust-Extraction-Unit.jpg
    Integrated System Design Ltd have developed a control system for Dust Collection at the planer, finger jointer and throughout the sawmill. Read more >>
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    Integrated Systems Design Ltd offer setworks packages that are tailor made to suit individual Client needs. With 35 years in the business of Sawmilling Setworks we understand operator ergonomics. We will work with the client to provide the best possible solution.  Digital and Analogue Setworks. High accuracy digitally controlled positioning. Head rigs, Resaw, Edger and Breast Bench systems. Read more >>